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I have a small clinic studio based on an iconic tree lined street in the heart of Cheltenham town. I specialise in advanced skin treatments & products, guaranteed to get you results. Click the link below to book your appointment and start your journey to healthy skin!

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Good skin, good vibes

Results driven advanced facial treatments with the added touch of relaxation.

You will leave the treatment room with a greater understanding of your skin as we embark on your skin journey. Whatever your concern, we will work collaboratively together to get you on the road to a healthy skin.

Our Skin Philosophy

Results driven skincare

A personal approach

Bespoke treatments, tailored to you

I’ve been there, skincare can be an absolute minefield! Which is why I am here to help, long gone are the days of trying to curate your own skincare regime and falling into the trap of pretty packaging with undelivered results. My approach is personal, bespoke, results-driven and I will always put my all into getting you the outcome you deserve!

We’re here to help

How do I know what treatments I will need?

Not to worry, I will be able to tell you exactly what you need and outlay your skin journey ahead of you so you can be prepared. I always recommend booking in the New Client Skin Consultation & Bespoke Facial option for new clients, this is where we will discuss in depth all about your skin and relating factors. After this, you will leave feeling confident and happy about the journey you’re about to begin.

Only the best

What brands do you carry and use?

I have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry,
these are guaranteed to get you the best results you can possibly get.

How it works

The skin journey commandments

Book in for your Consultation & First Treatment

Check out our opening hours, schedule in a date and time which works well with your schedule and let’s get this show on the road!


Your Skin Plan will be explained

We will take all things into consideration, such as your lifestyle, skin goals, skin concerns and skin type. This will be focused on helping you reach your goals with the health of your skin in mind.

Be consistent

Achieving your results will be 80% you and 20% me! I get to treat your face once or twice a month, where as you get to treat your face twice a day. So you must be consistent in order to get these results, no skipping routines, turn doing your regime into a habit.

Contact me for help

I am here with you for every step of the way, no question is silly, nor will you bother me. Think of me as your pocket skin guru that is always there to help!


Here come the results

You’ve been following your regime for a little while now, you are noticing the changes. Your skin is healthier, you are feeling more confident and the results aren’t just noticeable in your skin, it’s how you are starting to feel too!

A forever promise

You’ve reached your results, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Skincare is a FOREVER game and you are in it for the long haul. The skin is our largest external organ, it’s complex and needs looking after. 

Before & After

Client Transformations

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Courtney is amazing at what she does.

She will listen to your concerns, being as experienced and advanced in what she does, knows what you are in need of in terms of skin there and then. She has checked in with me the whole time and I consider her my friend aswell as my skin lady! The products are amazing... I can’t even comprehend how good, being in two minds whether products would help I was shocked after first use! I am more positive that results will improve rapid!


Courtney is always there for further support and guidance

I had a virtual consultation with Courtney with regards to skin care products. After Courtney had gained enough information about my skin type and skin concerns she created a skin care plan specifically suited for me. She provided links to all the products and a step by step guide on how to use them. The plan was very well presented and I love all the products she chose!! Courtney is very professional and is always available if I have any queries about the products or have any further skin concerns. She also has checked in on me a few times after the consultation to see how I am getting on with the new routine. Courtney is always there for further support and guidance and overall she provides an excellent service. I would definitely recommend to others and I will definitely be purchasing further treatments once her clinic is open!

Chloe Potts

My skin is glowing

Full of knowledge! I used only baby wipes for skincare before my consultation with Courtney. Her passion and endless amount of knowledge has improved my skin and helped reduce my acne scarring so much! My skin is glowing and look forward to adding to my routine. Having better skin has changed my life and gave me confidence to not wear makeup as much!

Tamara Weir

Courtney is full of knowledge

Courtney is full of knowledge and is SO passionate about skin care! I first messaged Courtney a few months back as I wanted a new AM/PM routine and my skin has completely changed for the best! Any skin issues I have Courtney recommends the best products to use! Thank you Courtney x

Rachel Barnard

I recommend Courtney to everyone I know

The only words needed to describe Courtney are 'The Best'. Courtney is so passionate about Skin Care and her knowledge is incredible. I've followed Courtney on Instagram for a long time and absolutely love the advice she provides and content she creates. It's so helpful as Skin Care can be so confusing and overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Following my consultation with Courtney, I received an in-depth Skin Care Plan, with recommended products for my skin type and to address my skin issues. I am SO pleased with the results from using my recommended products and actually learning how to apply them properly to get the best use out of them! I cannot wait for Courtney's clinic to open and to book in for treatments with her. I recommend Courtney to everyone I know, she is just a delight 😊❤️

Maria Malukas

Courtney is the queen of skin care

Courtney is the queen of skin care, my skin is so much healthier after having a skin consultation with her. She recommended so many products within my budget but also gave other options incase they were out of stock. She is always willing to answer questions and goes above and beyond. I cannot wait for her clinic to open! Beyond her job she is such a lovely person and very welcoming, I couldn’t recommend her enough xx

Frankie Anderson

My skin has improved massively since my consultation with Courtney

Courtney has been amazing since the first time I got in contact with her! She is so helpful and knowledgeable you can just tell she loves what she does! Always available to help with any enquiries and just a really nice person also! My skin has improved massively since my consultation with Courtney. Can't wait to finally book in for a treatment! 100% would recommend to anyone having difficulty with their skin xx

Lauren Jade Liggett

My facial was amazing

Highly recommend Courtney! The clinic is beautiful & my facial was amazing. So relaxing and my skin is glowing. Thank you Courtney, I can’t wait to book again!

Fallon Hamblin

Courtney was so lovely and professional

I would recommend SKIN by Courtney Melody for all of your skin care needs, I started off with a personalised consultation, Courtney was so lovely and professional she explained the importance of certain steps and what benefits each product could achieve, the great thing about Courtney is that she will tailor recommendations for your skin as what may work for one may not work for another. She recommended the CosMedix oil cleanser to me and my god this has been a game changer for me! I’ve always been hesitant with oil cleansers but Courtney explained the correct way to use the product and I couldn’t be happier, my skin has improved so much! Inflammation has reduced, my skin is brighter and I’ve got that GLOW! I’m looking forward to when she opens so can book in for treatments to better my results so far!

Lauren Thackham

Courtney's advice has totally transformed my skin

100% recommend!! Courtney's advice has totally transformed my skin!!

Emily Tate