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Advanced Skin Health Consultation


Skin Consultations

An initial skin health assessment marks the initial step towards enhancing the health of your skin. It plays a pivotal role in my clinical process. Depending on your specific concerns, we will engage in an in-depth discussion about your current skin condition. We will also explore various factors that may be impacting your skin, such as your diet, lifestyle, medications, medical history, skincare products, and more.

As outlined on my skin health approach page, I take a holistic approach to skin analysis, considering all aspects of skin health from every angle. Therefore, during the consultation, you can anticipate questions that may lead you to consider factors you haven’t previously connected to your skin’s well-being. Keep an open mind!

The consultation includes a comprehensive skin analysis, beginning with a thorough cleansing of the skin. We will use a woods lamp to examine your skin, assessing oil and moisture levels, as well as identifying dermal pigment concerns that may not be visible under normal light conditions.

After the consultation, I will provide recommendations for products, propose a treatment plan, and suggest any necessary lifestyle changes. You have the option to book a standalone consultation or combine it with your first treatment for a more extended appointment.

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