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I have been double cleansing for years, I enjoy it. When anyone asks me about this method of skincare I preach at how they must do it using a white flannel so you can see all the dirt come right off! As soon as I get home from a night out this is the first thing I do before I start eating my pizza and those who know me, know how much I love pizza.

Now, this isn’t some crazy myth, it isn’t hard to do and believe me, once you start you’ll wish you had done it sooner! You may even do it already… During the day your skin is exposed to many factors which cause your skin to pick up dirt. This can all build up from makeup, SPF, pollution in the air and sweat. So let’s get down to the method.

Now, the first step is removing all that dirt and makeup basically all the build-up of icky stuff on your face! You could remove this with a micellar water and cotton pads (although cleansers would be a preferable option) an oil cleanser or greasy balms. Personally, I like to use an oil. Currently, I use the CosMedix Purity Solution Oil Cleanser. It just melts into the skin, don’t ever be scared to use oils on your skin, it needs it! It’ll dissolve all the dirt and makeup on your skin and prepare you for your second cleanse. Note: I personally tend to use a separate makeup remover for the eyes first and then I go over them with my cleanser.

– Work it into dry skin with gentle circular motions, I like to pay special attention to my T-Zone then move onto the outer portions of my face.
– Add a little bit of water.
– Now, you don’t need to do this, but it’s what I like to do to see all the gunk come off. Get a flannel or a muslin cloth and soak it in hand hot water, then rinse the water out so it’s a ‘hot flannel’ and gently start removing the cleanser from your face.

Be shocked at all the crap that comes off, even if you aren’t wearing makeup, you’ll be surprised how much dirt your skin picks up!
Leave face to air dry.

Now, this is the step to actually nourish and cleanse your skin, you’ve done the first cleanse, now this is down to the real deal. This is where you want to use something more high-end, something that’ll really make you glow. This stage needs to restore the balance of your skin and get it prepared for all the serums, moisturizers etc. This is the stage where you really take your time massaging the product into your skin. If you can, I would invest in a decent cleanser for your second cleanse. Remove with a flannel again the same process, leave it to air dry, and that’s it. Job done! Bet you thought it was harder than this right? All you need to do is do it every day, not in the morning though. You only do this in the PM!

It may seem a little overwhelming but the results speak for themselves, give it a try and let me know what you think!

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